How to create a YMCA account online:
Setting Up an Online Account &/or Registering for a Program with a Participant Account   

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How to create a YMCA account online
1. Go to
2. Click “online registration” at the top right of the page
3. Enter your email to find your account, or click the “sign up” button in the top right if you
are a new member
4. Choose the location where you wish to use the account
5. Choose your membership type (Note: Program only participant can be used to sign up
yourself or someone else for a program without purchasing a membership)
6. Fill out personal information (Note: the email and password you choose will be used to
login to the account in the future)
7. Confirm membership type and add other members to the account
8. Click “accept and sign” on the agreement page, and provide a signature
9. Select payment method and enter payment information, then click “pay”


How to Register for a Membership Online

How to Create a Membership?
1. Go to our website (
2. Clink on our membership tab and click join
3. Read all information on this page and scroll to the bottom and click the ‘I Agree’
box and hit next
4. Click the blue online registration box
5. Select the location you wish to join
6. Choose the membership type that you would like and hit start
7. Complete all required information and hit next
8. Sign all membership agreements and waivers and click I agree
9. Set up payment


How to Register for a Program if you are a Member

How to register for a program
1. Go to
2. Click Online Registration link at the top right of the website
3. Select program you want to register for (i.e. Gymnastics, Swim Team, Soccer)
4. Once program is selected click blue register button
5. Completely fill out the registration form
6. Click blue next button at the bottom of the page
7. Read, and electronically sign all program agreements and waivers
8. Click accept & sign blue button
9. Preview registration and click the next button
10. Now you’re ready to make payment, fill out payment information and click the pay button
11. Once payment is completed you are registered


How to Reset Your Password

How to Reset Your Password

1. Go to our website (
2. Go to online registration
3. Type in your password and submit
4. Click the forgot password link
5. Click on the link that says email me a reset password link